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What is swissbib?


Swissbib is the metacatalog of Swiss GLAM institutions and the Swiss National Library, It provides you with a quick, easy and comprehensive access to academic information ressources in Switzerland.
You'll reach swissbib under https://www.swissbib.ch.

What is the swissbib project wiki?

The swissbib project wiki contains historical documentation from earlier project stages within the framework of E-lib.ch (2008-2014) and of SUK-P2 (2014-2018) as well as internal documentation.

News and Presentations

For current information and news, consult our blog : http://www.swissbib.blogspot.com.

Some presentations and articles about swissbib are also available.

Project Organization


How to use swissbib-data for your project?

We offer various APIs through which you can use swissbib-data for your project. More information: Application Interfaces

How to contact us?

If you want to contact us feel free to write us an email at the following address: swissbib-ub [at] unibas [dot] ch.

Internal documentation

swissbib documentation for staff and members (mostly restricted)