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IDS Basel/Bern as well as Nebis use field 245 $a for [Ohne Titel]/No Title-entries, in cases of single volumes or issues of multivolume works, serials or journals. Those entries date probably from the conversion of the system (Sibil or Ethics to Aleph). IDS Basel/Bern uses Indicator 0 for those entries, though according to KIDS it should be used only for music, without an entry in the work list index. According MARC21 first indicator 0 means simply No Added Entry. IDS Sankt Gallen and IDS Luzern use the entries 245 $a [Ohne Titel] only with the subfield $b author. SNL and Réro seem to use [Ohne Titel] only for pictures, cartoons, comics and music notes. In Réro there are some singular examples of journal issues without title in the field 245 with first and second indicator 0. According to MARC21 they stand for No Added Entry and No Nonfiling Characters.

Bsp. IDS Basel/Bern ; Nebis ; IDS Luzern ; IDS Sankt Gallen ; Réro