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swissbib OAI-server

  • The swissbib OAI-server sits directly on CBS and delivers all swissbib data.
  • Status: productive since 08-03-2011.
  • It supplies the following functionality:
    • Datestamps with a granularity down to milliseconds
    • Resumption tokens
    • Information about deleted records: persistent

General Information

* Tested with MarcEdit-OAI-Client and the swissbib-OAI-client. Other clients may react differently.

Supported metadata formats and sets

The following URLs give an overview of the available metadata formats and sets:

metadata formats

Generally swissbib delivers metadata in different forms:

  • DublinCore (oai_dc): very restricted granularity
  • MARC21 (m21-xml/oai): standard MARC21 (comparable to the data sent to WorldCat). This means that you can use this data with standard MARC-crosswalks and parsers. For documentation of the format please consult the pages of the Library of Congress and OCLC
  • swissbibMARC (m21-xml/oaitp): enhanced MARC21 with elements of IDSMARC as well as self-defined fields and subfields. This means that you have to adjust your parsers and crosswalks to deal with it. Documentation can be found on the wiki-page swissbib MARC, as well as generally on the pages of the Library of Congress and the IDS.

set structure

The current set structure is based on material codes. This allows two scenarios:

  1. export different materials
  2. export all materials

We are looking into the possibility to change that in future releases.

Supported commands