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The MARC displayed in swissbib is slightly extended for the indexing and display-functionality. Nevertheless most fields remain untouched.

This pages shows special fields as well as regular fields with an irregular field structure. The reference point for this is MARC21. Additionally fields of special interest are described.

Please be aware that to some extent swissbib marc does not contain ISBD-interpunction.

System numbers

  • Field 001: swissbib system number
  • Field 035: system numbers of the Swiss library systems and others like OCLC-number or EEBO, ECCO and alike
=001 054014603
=035 -- $a (OCoLC)610864422
=035 -- $a (IDSBB)001234567

Prefix codes used by swissbib

These prefix codes are used in any field or subfield that contains system numbers of local networks. The PPN of swissbib is never prefixed.

Code Name
IDSBB IDS Basel/Bern
IDSSG2 IDS SG PH/FH & Institute
RERO Réseau Romand
SNL Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek
ABN Aargauer Bibliotheksnetz
ALEX Alexandria - Bibliotheksverbund der Bundesinstitutionen
BGR Bibliotheksverbund Graubünden
SBT Sistema Bibliotecario Ticinese
SERSOL E-Books from IDS Basel Bern
SGBN St. Galler Bibliotheksnetz
CCSA Catalogue collectif suisse des affiches
CHARCH HelveticArchives
RETROS retro.seals
HAN Handschriften - Archive -Nachlässe
ECOD e-codices

Enhanced fields

Field 1## / 7## / 8##

Field 100 / 700 / 800

Instead of putting family and forename in one subfield swissbib uses

  • $a for family-name
  • $D for forename
=100 1- $a Hesse $D Ernst

Field 490

According to IDSMARC linking-information is stored in subfield $w and additionally in subfield $9.

  • subfield $w: system number of the local library system
  • subfield $9: swissbib system number PPN
=490 1- $a Zeitschrift für Schweizerische Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte $v Bd. 58 (2001), H. 1 $w (IDSUZH)000441442 $9 001764152

Field 499

Field 499 contains the collection information and parent link of archival records. This field is mapped to 499 to prevent identical display with series information (field 490) and the automatic creation of a link in the 'description' tab. Field 499 is currently used for HAN records and HelveticArchives records. 499 contains information about the top record of the hierarchy in subfields $x and $y to generate the hierarchy display in VuFind.

=499 -- $a Nachlass Ernst Pfuhl ... $v 36 $w HAN000083397 
=499 -- $a Unterlagen von und über Ruth Quenzer  $v 561-01  $i 561-01 $x Archiv Ruth Quenzer $w HAN000309003 $9 HAN000309003 $y HAN000309000

Field 779

Similar to field 499, field 779 contains the same information as field 773, but prevents the automatic creation of a link in the 'description' tab and enables a different display. Field 779 is currently used for HAN records.

=779 -A $g Bl. 125/126 $j 125/126 $t Variorum ad varios Epistolae ... $w HAN000120342 $9 HAN000120342

Field 89#

The 890-range is used to display swissbib-internal processing-information.

Field 897

Field 897 displays information about linked records and the nature of the links in place.

=897 -- $a b $b 1

Field 898

Field 898 contains the format-codes used for faceting and displaying the format icons.

  • Subfield $a contains the format icon code, this code is specific and precise
  • Subfield $b contains the facet code, this code is generic and collates several codes from $a
  • Subfield $c contains a code for hierarchical faceting (feature under development as of December 2015).

Futher documentation on the values can be found on this wiki-page.

=898 -- $a BK010000 $b XK010000 $c XK010000

Field 900

Field 900 contains information about the licence applicable to the bibliographic record. Subfield $a holds the standardized text "Metadata rights reserved" if the data is not available under CC0, $b holds the original licence information if available, $u holds the URL for the licence in $b, $2 holds the source code.

=900 $a Metadata rights reserved  $b Springer special CC-BY-NC licence  $2 nationallicence
=900 $a Metadata rights reserved  $2 rero
=900 $b CC0 $u $2nationallicence

Field 950

Fields 950 contain copied content of slave records from multiple sources, ie. entry and linking fields from all unions. Subfield $B holds the source code, $P the original field tag, $E both indicators. The following subfields are according to the normal definition.

=950 $B IDSBB $P 700 $E 0- $a Pius $b II $c Papst $d 1405-1464
=950 $B SGBN $P 490 $E --  $a Vorträge der Aeneas-Silvius-Stiftung an der Universität Basel $v 47 $i 47 $w (SGBN)000020347 $9 324152353

In Master-Records with many slaves, many fields 950 occur. Often, you have duplicated information. This is used to build specific facets and / or linking options.

Field 986

Field 986 contains the ID of a FRBR-cluster, grouping records of expressions and manifestations of a same work. Or, in non-FRBR terminology, "Weitere Ausgaben / Other editions". Subfield $a holds a code labelling the data set covered, $b holds the identifier.

Data sets for FRBR

  • $a SWISSBIB : full content of the swissbib bibliographic database
  • $a ORANGE (or something similar, check later) : content of swissbib Basel Bern
==986 $a SWISSBIB $b 122550749

Items and serial holdings

Swissbib contains information about items and holdings. This amount of information available is highly dependent on the local system.

See this internal page for solr-indexing related questions concerning these fields.

swissbib fields local fields
Description Pica
j j Signatur 1 a j h,j a e "SEPARATOR Call Number: " a h,i,m c h c
CBS-Zweigstelle b
c c Standortcode c c c D b D c b
is_circulating d C
e F F
is_requested f R
p Strichcode p p 2 6 a
q ADM-Nummer q q
r ADM-Sequenz r r
s s Signatur 2 s s b e "Second Call Number: " b d
t Status Signatur 2 t t
u u Service-URL u u b j, q
z Notiz/Bemerkung z z 9 9 e, m, r
a Holding Notiz A a e "Available collections:" 866a
b b Zweigstellencode B b b D b D b b f, n, s
B B Verbund-Code
C C Verbund-ADM
E E Systemnummer 207
F F CHB-Bibliothek
x x interne Notiz X x z o o a
y OPAC-Notiz Z y p g, o, u
0 Bibliotheksname 0 0 4
1 Standort (Label) 1 1 5
2 Status Signatur 1 2 2
3 Materialtyp 3 3 h
4 Exemplarstatuscode 4 4 S X i
5 Exemplarstatus 5 5
6 Geschäftsgangstatuscode 6 6

URLs in swissbib: 856 and 956

856 - standard URL

The information in 856 is according to the standard with one additional subfield present: 856 $B for the source of the URL. This subfield contains the network code as set in 852 $B and 949 $B.

The IDS systems code the information about the nature of the content described by the link in an indicator. This information is put in subfield $3 where it belongs according to MARC21.


=856 4- $B RERO $u $z consortium
=856 -- $B IDSBB $u $z Onlinezugriff via SFX
=856 -- $B NEBIS $u $z Online via SFX $3 Volltext
=856 40 $B SNL $u

956 - ADAM-URL

IDS ADAM Object is stored in 956. If the access is restricted there is a 856-Link too. 956 contains normally more information and sometimes the direct link to the resource.

For IDSBB, IDSLU, IDSUZH and NEBIS the URLs of abstracts and indices are delivered in 956-fields.

The usage of links that circumvent the copyright notice of ADAM has to be clarified with the local networks as it is most likely not intended by the local network to make these links freely available!

Code Definition Display type Defined by Example
$B network code coded Swissbib IDS... et al.
$C ADM-library coded Library Network DSV51
$a sub library coded Library Network USTAZ
$d directory path Library Network $uzh50_dev/uzh50/adam/...
$f File name on the internal server free Library Network FIS149_000516852.png
$q File extension free (unfortunately) Library Network pdf, bild, jpg...
$u URL free Library Network normally http://...
$x Usage type coded Library system VIEW / THUMBNAIL
$y Title free - sometimes rather generic Library Network Abstract / Autoreninformation


=956 4- $B NEBIS $C EAD50 $a E01 $u $y Abstract / 
           Autoreninformation $x VIEW $q pdf
=956 4- $B IDSBB $C DSV51 $a B400 $u $q bild $x VIEW $y Vorschau zum Bild
=956 4- $B IDSUZH $C UZH50 $a UPBEB $u
           &line_number=0001&func_code=DB_RECORDS&service_type=MEDIA $d $uzh50_dev/uzh50/adam/phzh/view/2 
        $f FIS149_000516652.jpg $q jpg $x VIEW $y Schiff

Locally defined MARC21-fields

Several locally defined fields are present in swissbib. Most of them come from IDSMARC and are used as specified in IDSMARC.

swissbib fields local fields
swissbib marc Beschreibung IDS RERO SNL ALEX
019 Interne Notiz 019 019 019 019
090 ZeitschriftenSignatur 090
091 Externe Nummern (gültig) 091
092 Interne Nummern (gültig) 092
509 Originaltitel 509 500* 500* 500*
590 Exemplarspezifische Notiz 590 590
591 Archivierungsinformationen 591 591
595 Schweizer Koordinaten 595 595 595 595
689 GND-Termgruppen 689
690 Lokale Beschlagwortung 690 600-650
691 Lokale Klassifikation 691 980 968,992,993,999
692 Lokale Musikalien-Beschlagwortung 690 FJ und LA
695 Lokale FormBeschlagwortung 695
908 Lokale Materialcodes 1/2 906,907
909 Lokale Verwaltungscodes 909 diverse
912 Lokale Selektionscodes 072 072 072 072
913 IDS Kongress/Ausstellung 913