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General code structure

The swissbibMARC format code consists of three values that are stored in three pica-plus-subfields and are concatenated during export in one swissbibMARC subfield.

The swissbibMARC-format-code is used

  • as format filter code for search and retrieval over the swissbib search interface
  • to generate the format icons in swissbib

For IDSMARC data the codes can be used in connection to the format strings in swissbibMARC-field 908. For MARC21-data they represent the only direct access point.

The field structure looks like this:


#008@ $a <primary code> $b <secondary code> $c <tertiary code>


#898 \\ $a <primary code><secondary code><tertiary code>

primary code

The main code is based on MARC-Leader position 6 and if necessary position 7. The primary code consists of two uppercase alphabetic values and two digits. The following codes are used:

LDR Code Beschreibung
aa BK01 Artikel
ac CL01 Sammlung
ad CL02 Sammlung
am BK02 Buch
t BK03 Text-Manuskript
ab CR01 Teil einer fortlaufenden Ressource
ai CR02 Kontinuierlich erweiterte Ressource
as CR03 Fortlaufende Ressource
c MU01 Noten
d MU02 Noten-Manuskript
i MU03 Ton
j MU04 Musik
e MP01 Karten
f MP02 Karten-Manuskript
m CF01 Datei
g VM01 Projektierbares Medium
k VM02 2-D Medium
o VM03 Kit
r VM04 3-D Medium
p MX01 Materialmix

secondary code

The secondary code is based either on the combination of LDR position 6/7 and field 906 for IDSMARC or on the combination of LDR position 6/7 and values of 007 and 008 for MARC21. The secondary code consists of two digits. If there is no special code assigned the base value is "00". The following values are possible (xx stands for different tertiary values):

LDR 906-Bezeichnungen Code IDS RERO NB Code Code Code
(a)a/m Briefe = Correspondance 01 x x x BK0101xx BK0201xx
Comic = Bande dessiné 02 x x x BK0102xx BK0202xx
Hochschulschrift = Thèse/Mémoire 03 x x x BK0103xx BK0203xx
Festschrift = Mélanges 04 x x x BK0104xx BK0204xx
Gesetze und Verordnungen = Lois, réglements 05 x x x BK0105xx BK0205xx
Verfassung = Constitution 06 x BK0106xx BK0206xx
Werke = Oeuvres 07 x BK0107xx BK0207xx
Kongress = Congrès 08 x x x BK0108xx BK0208xx
Andere Ausgabeform = Autre forme 00 x x x BK0100xx BK0200xx
(a)b/i/s Datenbank = Base de données 01 x x x CR0101xx CR0201xx CR0301xx
Loseblattwerk = Publ. à feuillets mobiles 02 x x x CR0102xx CR0202xx CR0302xx
Schriftenreihe = Collection 03 x x x CR0103xx CR0203xx CR0303xx
Website = Site web 04 x x x CR0104xx CR0204xx CR0304xx
Zeitung = Journal 05 x x x CR0105xx CR0205xx CR0305xx
Zeitschrift = Revue 06 x x x CR0106xx CR0206xx CR0306xx
Zeitung/Zeitschrift = Journal/revue 07 x x x CR0107xx CR0207xx CR0307xx
Kongress = Congrès 08 x x x CR0108xx CR0208xx CR0308xx
Andere Ausgabeform = Autre forme 00 x x x CR0100xx CR0200xx CR0300xx
c/d Partitur = Partition 01 x x x MU0101xx MU0201xx
Klavierauszug = Re\́duction pour piano 02 x x x MU0102xx MU0202xx
Particell = Particelle 03 x x x MU0103xx MU0203xx
Andere Ausgabeform = Autre forme 00 x x x MU0100xx MU0200xx
e/f Atlas 01 x x x MP0101xx MP0201xx
Diagramm = Diagramme 02 x x x MP0102xx MP0202xx
Karte = Carte 03 x x x MP0103xx MP0203xx
Profil, Schnitt = Profil, coupe 04 x x x MP0104xx MP0204xx
Relief = Carte en relief 05 x x x MP0105xx MP0205xx
Fernerkundungsbild=Image télédétection 06 x x x MP0106xx MP0206xx
Ansicht, Panorama = Vue, panorama 07 x x x MP0107xx MP0207xx
Erdglobus = Globe terrestre 08 x x x MP0108xx MP0208xx
Andere Art von Globus = Autre globe 09 x x x MP0109xx MP0209xx
Andere Art = Autre forme 00 x x x MP0100xx MP0200xx
i/j CD 01 x x x MU0301xx MU0401xx
CD MP3 02 x MU0302xx MU0402xx
DVD-Audio 03 x MU0303xx MU0403xx
Schallplatte = Disque 04 x x x MU0304xx MU0404xx
Tonband-Kompaktkassette = Cassette audio 05 x x x MU0305xx MU0405xx
Tonbandspule = Bande audio 06 x x x MU0306xx MU0406xx
Andere Art = Autre forme 00 x x x MU0300xx MU0400xx
m CD-ROM = Cédérom 01 x x x CF010100
DVD-ROM 02 x CF010200
Diskette = Disquette 03 x x x CF010300
Magnetspeicher (Cartridge/Band/Kassette) 04 x CF010400
Elektron. Daten Fernzugriff=Fichier online 05 x x x CF010500
USB Stick = Cle\́ USB 06 x CF010600
Andere Art = Autre forme 00 x x x CF010000
g Film 01 x x x VM0101xx
Videoaufzeichnung = Vidéo 02 x x x VM0102xx
DVD-Video 03 x x x VM0103xx
Blu-ray Disc 04 x x VM0104xx
Andere Art = Autre forme 00 x x x VM0100xx
k Diapositiv = Diapositive 01 x x x VM0201xx
Arbeitstransparent = Transparent 02 x x x VM0202xx
Bild = Image 03 x x x VM0203xx
Foto = Photo 04 x x  ? VM0204xx
Plakat = Affiche 05 x x  ? VM0205xx
Postkarte = Carte postale 06 x x  ? VM0206xx
Andere Art = Autre forme 00 x x x VM0200xx
o Sprachlehrmittel = Méthode de langue 01 x x x VM0301xx
Lehrmittel = Matériel didactique 02 x VM0302xx
Tonbildschau = Diaporama 03 x VM0303xx
Spiel = Jeu 04 x x x VM0304xx
Andere Art = Autre forme 00 x x x VM0300xx
r Objekt 00 x x x VM040000
p Materialmix 00 x x x MX010000

tertiary code

The tertiary code is either based on 907 for IDSMARC or on 007/008 for MARC21. The tertiary code consists of two digits. If there is no special code assigned the base value is "00". The following codes are used:

Code Description
00 n/a
01 Microform
49 Diskette
53 Online