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Why can't I edit pages?
Editing pages of the swissbib project wiki is restricted to members of the project
How can I become a member?
if you work in a library of one of a swissbib Project partners, please send an email to the SysOp. We will send you an account and a password.
Can the whole world see what I have written?
Generally: yes. Articles in the principal namespace of the swissbib project wiki are readable by the whole world. They are also searchable by internet search engines, and anyone can make a link on these pages.
Can I protect some pages?
Yes. There are namespaces reserved for members and staff. See Permissions for working examples.
Can I protect files I upload?
Yes. The system is the same as for pages. Just add a namespace like defined in Permissions.


What Sprache faut-il utilizzare?
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano: all welcome. See Project:language policy for a discussion.
What is a stub?
A stub is a short article in need of expansion. Wiki staff and members will find a list of stub pages on Category:Stub.
How do I find information about special templates that help me draw tables and alike?
All available templates are bundled in the category "templates": Category:Templates. You get more usage-infos on the different templates on their pages.