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Outdated information only kept for historical reasons!!!

This page gives an overlook on actually available applications that cover the functional range of a metacatalog. There are applications that provide the whole spectre of functionality required well as applications providing only partial services.

The links on this page are not checked regularly (last check 10.2008). If you find a broken link, please send us an email.

Commercial products

Product functionality vendor example
Aquabrowser search engine* Medialab Solutions
Endeca search engine Endeca
Encore search engine** Innovative Interfaces University Library of Glasgow
Fast search engine Fast
OCLC - WorldCat local complete OCLC University of Washington Libraries
OCLC - TouchPoint catalog enhancement OCLC
Primo complete Ex Libris in order to compare there is more than one example for primo:
Visualizer complete (assumption) VTLS

* connector to ILS included, provides backend for XML-data
** connector to ILS included, provides mainly backends to III-products

Open source

The open source applications shown below are limited on search engines. There is a mixture of library centred applications and the basic software to develop such applications:

Product functionality provider example
Blacklight search engine and presentation layer Betasite at Virgina Tech
Summa search engine and presentation layer with some function of data preparation
vufind search engine and presentation layer with some function of data preparation vufind
Flare search engine and presentation layer in ruby on rails none
Lucene search engine in java Lucene
Solr search engine built on lucene SOLR

also based on SOLR is vufind:

OpenBib Library Search Portal OpenBib project Kölner Universitäts Gesamtkatalog
library find

information retrieval based on Ferret (Lucene) and Ruby on Rails
includes federated search

Home Organisation library oregonstate

Interesting Implementations

Here you find interesting implementations either commercial or open source or with unspecified license.

Product functionality provider example
Libraries Australia union catalog research system Lucene NBD prototype
Libris Sweden union catalog production grade system LIBRS Union Catalog