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swissbib alpha (April until September 2009)

The first swissbib prototype was closely tied to the standard layout of TouchPoint. This layout follows closely the OCLC WorldCat-Design but isn't updated as often as WorldCat. After the first user tests conducted by swissbib and focus groups conducted by the ACCEPT/E-LibEval it became clear that swissbib needs its own profile.

swissbib beta (September 2009 onwards)

The most significant change between alpha and beta was the change of design that accompanied a lot of internal changes. With the beginning of the beta phase swissbib got its final design that is incrementally updated over time:

swissbib with two targets (due for 2012)

The swissbib interface is updated to provide two search targets simultaneously. This allows the parallel search in the swissbib index and an external data source of choice.

This feature is provided to local libraries that want to build swissbib based search applications.