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The following projects and works are underway in 2015:

  • Expansion of the swissbib team and integration of new team members
  • Going public on a new web interface in responsive design
  • Integration of new data sources
  • Follow-up to new cataloging rules RDA
  • Transformation and publication of swissbib data as linked open data


In the beginning of 2014, swissbib started with new VuFind interfaces on all views (, swissbib Basel Bern,

Swissbib won secure financing from SUK-P2 for the period 2014-2016, for both projekts and


This year was marked by projects concerning the search interface and the datahub (CBS). A lot of work was done for switching from TouchPoint to the open source software VuFind. The existing design was implemented in VuFind and modules that did not yet exist were implemented. The data model of CBS saw a complete overhaul, with a new software version, updates are merged into new clusters, data quality saw a massive improvement.

Also, swissbib wrote proposals to get financing from the "successor" programe to, SUK-P2 "Wissenschaftliche Information: Zugang, Verarbeitung und Speicherung. A partner projekt working on linked open data ( was also set up.


After the big move of last year 2012 is for consolidating the service and updating all main components. This includes the switch from FAST to SOLR for the search engine. Also two new swissbib based search solutions (local catalog of Basel/Bern and jusbib a portal for juridical literature in Swiss libraries) are supported during deployment.

Additionally the federal libraries are added to swissbib.


The main focus is moving swissbibs IT-infrastructure in Basel. During the deployment phase the service was hosted by OCLC in Leiden but for the production phase of the service it should be run in Switzerland. Additionally the following goals are reached:

  • adding more sources to swissbib
  • working on the infrastructure for local search applications based on on swissbib
  • working on the data and search quality
  • providing open interfaces


Swissbib went live as public beta in December 2009 and the deployment project with OCLC comes to an end in January 2010. This marks the start for Phase II of the project dealing with four thematic areas:

  • streamlining the existing solution based on user feedback
  • improving the search quality in relation to multilingualism by including more authorities and enriching data
  • extending the amount of data sources present in swissbib
  • organizing the future of the service for 2011 onwards


The main goals of 2008 were met. swissbib procured with CBS, FAST and Touchpoint a software that meets perfectly the needs of swissbib. A first format analysis was conducted that delivers the basis for current software implementation and configuration.

The following goals are defined for 2009

  • deployment of the base system in collaboration with OCLC
  • setting up the infrastructure for data delivery and communication on the local level
  • testing and perfecting of the swissbib solution in collaboration with Swiss libraries
  • Going live with swissbib by the end of 2009


The swissbib project team is complete and started to work on regularly basis. It consists of

Main goals of 2008 are

  • evaluation and procurement of software for swissbib
  • set up a definite organizational structure for the project
  • analyzing and describing the data to be used for swissbib
  • building a network of test groups
  • deploy the software to be configured filled with live data

Preliminary state of the project (2007)

The preliminary phase of the swissbib project is successfully terminated.

The final draft of the Project request has been discussed and adopted at the Project council meeting on June 27th 2007. The request has been accepted by in the end of 2007.

Preparatory operations were being performed by a project team consisting of

Main goals of the preliminary phase were