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Project organization

Preparatory phase (2007)

In the preliminary stage of the project, a small team based at Basel University Library is responsible for preliminary work and coordination with project partners. Also, the SwissBib project council will be set up and start operations.

Project phase (2008-2011)

Project plan.png

Stage One: The Metacatalog (2008-2009)

The first phase will concentrate on implementing a metacatalog of all Swiss university libraries, library consortia and the National library. Objectives of this stage include

  • to organize metadata import and harvesting
  • to deduplicate and normalize data and feed it to a discovery engine
  • to test and refine a convivial user interface
  • to provide quick and easy access to content (electronic resources and printed material)

Stage Two: Semantic clustering (2010-2011)

The second phase will concentrate on advanced methods of semantic clustering and automatic indexing. Search results will be grouped in "clusters" of related works, based on semantic proximity. The main objectives of this stage are

  • sustainability: capitalize on existant methods of subject indexing and classification in the dataset
  • multilinguality: take into account the linguistic context of the data; use existant multilingual thesauri for query expansion
  • metadata enrichment: benefit from additional content gained from abstracts, indexes, and other complementary data

Permanent operations (2012 onwards)

Afer the completion of the project, continuous operations of the SwissBib metacatalog will have to be organized and financed by the Swiss university libraries themselves. The SwissBib project team suggests that the libraries' consortium will take the leading role in operating the metacatalog and coordinating further development.

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