Private User Remote Access (Pura)

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Private User Remote Access (Pura)

Pura is a service offered by swissbib that allows private users from libraries to access online resources using a SWITCH edu-ID account. Every library can manage its own users and grant access to its online collections. The private users can then access online resources not only from within the library but also from anywhere else.

The basic workflow is the following :

  1. If he doesn't have a SWITCH edu-ID account, the private user must create a SWITCH edu-ID account.
  2. He can then register online for the Pura Service for his library :
  3. After the registration, the user gets a confirmation that he must show at the library desk along with his library card. The library staff activates the user if the user meets the library requirements. Every library can decide what are its rules (for example the user must have a library account, the user must live in a specific state, the user must sign some special terms of use, ...)
  4. The user can access the online resources directly using his SWITCH edu-ID credentials. This is a standard Shibboleth login, which often described as "Sign in via your institution" on the publisher's platforms. Example.