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General description

One central aspect of swissbib is the integration in the Swiss library landscape. This has primarily three sides:

  • one covers the import of data in swissbib that is part of the publishing layer and is described there
  • the second is integrating swissbib in other services by URL. You find more information on the wiki page Linking_to_swissbib
  • the third is connecting the information of swissbib back to the local systems and has different areas like
    • backlinking
    • availability
    • linking to online resources


The document on OPAC integration dealing with different possibilities of linking back in local OPACs is only available for wiki members: Members:OPAC_integration

The document on "back linking" analyzing the elements necessary to link back in local OPACs is only available for wiki members: Members:Back-linking


There are two sides of availability.

  • The first is dealing with the general factors that define whether an item can be loaned at all swissbib_loan-status
  • The second is dealing with the question, which items that can be loaned are actually available for loan. The document describing the standard mechanism for Aleph is only available for wiki members: Members:Availability. For Virtua it is planned to use NCIP.

Linking to online resources

By standard we could use the URLs provided by the local libraries. Topics are mainly user related: What does a user need to distinguish if he or she is entitled to use an online resource or not.