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Outdated information only kept for historical reasons!!!

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245 Title Statement (info)

  • IDS uses field 245 either for standard titles without indicators with at least subfield $a and $c in combination with either field 490 or 505.
  • All IDS libraries share the problem of multilevel catalogue records although at different extents. The excessive use of multilevel cataloguing leads to situations where it is impossible to assign a discrete title to a work. This means that the information to be put in field 245 $a is identical to that of field 490 $a. In order not double the information the value [Ohne Titel] is assigned to field 245 $a.
    • Normally with the transition to the KIDS this cataloguing model should have been abandoned, which happened in most cases.
    • A conversion of old records was not made (RERO did one because of their switch to MARC21)
    • Old records remain untouched if a new volume is added. If necessary the new volume is catalogued after the old ruleset.
    • IDS Basel/Bern and Nebis have large amounts (2000 to 5000) of such records whereas the other IDS networks have smaller amounts between 700 and 100 records.
    • It seems unlikely that IDS applies the RERO model of doubling the information of field 490 to 245 manually. Instead there are plans to use aleph mechanisms to expand the information of 490 $a to 245 $a. It should be tested whether this expand routine could be used during the data export for SwissBib.
  • RERO uses 245 at least with indicator 1 and subfields $a and $c either in combination with 490 - 800 or 505 but also in case of multilevel cataloguing without 490 only using the field pair 245 - 800
  • RERO does not use $a [sans titre] in case of multilevel cataloguing instead they double the information of field 490 in 245 adding a subfield $n for the volume
  • SNL uses the same mechanisms as RERO

IDS Basel/Bern, Zürich, St. Gallen, Luzern

245  \\ $a [Ohne Titel]

490  \\ $a Italien und Weimar, 1786-1790 $v 1 $i 1 $w 0683018
490  \\ $a Sämtliche Werke nach Epochen seines Schaffens / Johann Wolfgang Goethe $v Bd. 3,1 $i 3/1

IDS Nebis

245  \\ $ b -

490  \\ $ a Human ecology in the tropics $v Ed. 1 $i 1 $w 0156978
490  \\ $ a Symposia of the Society for the Study of Human Biology $v 9 $i 9 $w 0031753

RERO - old Sibil note extended by $t and $v from field 800

245  10 $a Goethes Werke / $c hrsg. im Auftrag der Grossherzogin Sophie von Sachsen. $n [Abt. 1], Bd. 2

800  1\ $a Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. - $t Goethes Werke $v [ 1],2 


245  14 $a The winter's tale

490  1\ $a The works of Shakespeare
800  1\ $a Shakespeare, William. - $t The works of Shakespeare 

300 Physical Description (info)

  • Some IDS-libraries use field 300 $a to mention the number of volumes of multivolume works, without adding field 490 or 505. In these cases additional information is provided on the item level in the field "item description".

Bsp: Basel/Bern oder Nebis

440 Series Statement/Added Entry-Title (info)

  • SNL uses in some cases field 440 indicator 1 "0" (mostly in recatalogued records from Saztec) nevertheless the standard case is 490 and 8#0
  • According to KIDS IDS libraries should not use the combination of 440 and 830, (conf. KIDS 1 Format S.78.). A random sample in IDS Luzern, St. Gallen, Basel/Bern and Nebis confirms that field 440 is not used.
  • Réro does not use 440 but either the combination of 490 and 8#0, conf. info


040  \\ $a Sz $c SAZ

440  \0 $a Diogenes-Taschenbuch $v 22439

Examples: SNL 1 ; SNL 2 ; SNL 3

490 Series Statement (info)

  • MARC21 SNL and MARC21 Réro code series statements with field 490 using indikator 1 "1" and subfield $a for the title and adding subfield $v to designate the volume. Field 490 contains the series title as shown on the title pages. For linking purposes so called series added entry fields (8#0) are provided.
490  1\ $a Biblioteca di cultura storica $v 223 
830  \0 $a Biblioteca di cultura storica $v 223 
  • IDS MARC uses for series statements only field 490 with subfields $a, title, $v volume as well as $i for the sorting of volumes and $w for the linking via system control number. This method renders the usage of field 8#0 obsolete.
490  \\ $a Biblioteca di cultura storica $v 103 $ i103 $w 0010157

50x Notes Fields

505 Formatted Content Notes (info)

IDS MARC, MARC21 SNL and MARC21 RERO organises single level multvolume works using one or more instances of field 505.

  • SNL uses for its data a simple form not separating volume from title: $a (volume): (title) and $r (Autor)
  • RERO organises its SIBIL data more detailed than post SIBIL data, which is organised the same way than SNL data.
  • IDS uses always the more detailed way: $g (volume), $t (title) and $r (author)

MARC21 defines both methods as equally right.

SNL (Helveticat)

505  0\ $a Bd. 1: 1992. - 415 S.
505  0\ $a Bd. 2: Beitr. von Gaetano Benedetti ... [et al.]. - 1994. - 428 S. 

RERO - old and new

505  0\ $g 1.-2. Bd: $t Lieder. Gesellige Lieder. Aus Wilhelm Meister. Balladen. Elegien. Episteln. Epigramme. Weissagungen des Bakis. Vier Jahreszeiten. Sonette. Vermischte Gedichte. Kunst. Parabolisch. Epigrammatisch. Politica. Gott und Welt. Chinesisch-Deutsche Jahres- und Tages-Zeiten. Aus fremden Sprachen. - 1867. - 1 vol
505  0\ $g 3.-4. Bd: $t Hermann und Dorothea. Achilleïs. Reineke Fuchs. Goetz von Berlichingen. Egmont. Clavigo. - 1867. - 1 vol 

Example for new simplified technique:

505  0\ $a Vol. 1: Prehistorical Switzerland. - 2001. - VIII, 298 p
505  0\ $a Vol. 2: Historical Switzerland from the Romans to Napoleon. - 2001. - XII, 342 p
505  0\ $a Vol. 3: Modern Switzerland from the Restoration to the future. - 2001. - X, 401 p

IDS Basel/Bern

505  \\ $g Teil 12 $t Faust $r hg. von H. Düntzer
505  \\ $g Teil 14 $t Unterhaltungen deutscher Ausgewanderten $t Novelle $t <<Die>> guten Weiber $t Reise der Söhne Megaprazons $t <<Der>> Hausball
505  \\ $g Teil 1-3,1.2 $t Gedichte

The example Dame, Frederick William: History of Switzerland shows the real problem with multivolume works catalogued either single or multilevel: There is no consistency in cataloguing them both ways could be done on the same work depending on the age of the record or the rule set it is catalogued after.

Field 505 can also contain unstructured data:

  • MARC21 SNL normally contains unstructured data in 505 (indicator 1 "1") in combination with structured data in field 509 (Helveticat).
  • MARC21 Réro also has unstructured data in field 505 not showing any difference in coding (RERO).

509 Structured TOC for printing purposes (info)

SNL (local field without aequivalent in MARC21 and used differently than in IDSMARC) This field is used only in recatalogued data provided by a company called saztec. This means only data catalogued before 1992 could possibly contain this field. Normally records generated by satztec contain in field 040 a subfield $c SAZ.

Example: Helveticat

8#0 Series Added Entry Fields (info)

  • MARC21 SNL und MARC21 Réro verwenden 8xx-Felder für die Nebeneintragungen zur Gesamttitelangabe im 490. 800 Autor/Gesamttitel- und 830 Reihentiteleintragungen sind von hier aus mit den entsprechenden Indices verlinkt, aber nicht direkt mit der Gesamttiteleintragung.

Gemäss MARC21 beschreibt 800 Indikator 1: Series Added Entry-Personal Name (R) with Surname as Type of personal name entry element. Das Feld 830 mit Indikator 0 erfasst gemäss MARC21 Series Added Entry-Uniform Title (R) und zwar ohne das Wegsortieren der Artikel (No nonfiling characters)

  • IDS MARC kennt die Felder 800 und 830 nicht

906 Codierter Hauptaspekt des Dokuments für Filterfunktion

IDS MARC (Lokales Feld ohne Äquivalent in MARC21) zur codierten Bezeichnung von (Gesamt)Werken, damit diese über Filterfunktionen erfasst werden können.

990 Linking of different levels (info)

MARC21 SNL (local field without aequivalent in MARC21) This field links two levels of a multilevel work by system number. It is intended to be used by library personal. Library users should use the standard textual linking via 440 or 8## and the index.

800  1\ $a Walser, Robert. - $t Sämtliche Werke in zwanzig Bänden $v 3
800  1\ $a Walser, Robert. - $t Sämtliche Werke in Einzelausgaben $v 3
830  0\ $a Suhrkamp-Taschenbuch $v 1103
990  \\ $a 1521724
990  \\ $a 4804
990  \\ $a 1199479 

Example: Helveticat