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Outdated information only kept for historical reasons!!!

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This page contains information about control numbers in standard fields as well as in self defined fields.

LDR - Leader (info)

Leader information is mostly identical between MARC21 and IDSMARC. The different handling of position 17 could be important. Rero uses an empty position 17 to indicate standard records (equals "4" in standard MARC)

Important Positions

  • 00-04 Length of MARC record
  • 05 - Record status
    • While in IDS "n" (new) is defined as standard and deviation usually is minimal, HSG uses "c" (corrected or revised) extensively to denote copy cataloging.
    • RERO and SNL use MARC21, records come with all characters allowed.
  • 06 - Type of record
    • This position has a potential value for constructing work-authorities in a FRBR scheme (author-title-type ). Its meaning is specified further in 008/18-34, in IDS according to codes in 906/907/913.
    • Test on IDS LU and BS/BE confirm its reliability, incorrect characters (up to 100) could be corrected manually.
  • 07 - Bibliographic level
  • 09 - Character coding scheme
  • 17 - Encoding level
    • Are acquisition records in RERO encoded 2 or 7? This could be useful for excluding records.
  • 18 - Descriptive cataloging form


MARC21 - Swiss National Library

=LDR  00736nam\a22002411i\4500


=LDR 00688nam a2200229 a 4500

IDSMARC - IDS Basel/Bern

=LDR  00599nam\\2200193uu\4500
  • empty positions are designated by »\«

Common irregularities in LDR

LDR-data mostly from IDS networks could be incomplete on positions 10, 11, 22 and 23. This means:

  • \\00 instead of 2200
  • 45\\ instead of 4500
=LDR  00599nam\\\\00193uu\45\\

Another case is a predominately empty Leader normally used in dummy- or so called "phantom"records.

=LDR  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\7a\\\\\

001 - Control number (info)

Control number delivered by virtua has a prefix "vtls", IDS delivers without prefix. A possible solution to distinguish the different control numbers would be to add a suffix


MARC21 - Swiss National Library

=001  vtls000590046

IDSMARC - IDS Basel/Bern

=001  000286042

003 - Control number identifier (info)

Normally MARC-Code of the network. This field is not used in IDS. MARC-Codes of the cataloging institution are stored in 040 instead.:

  • Sz - Swiss national Library
  • RERO - réseau romand
    • Records from the old system ETHICS have code "ETHICS" in field 003 (see password protected ETHICS page)
  • SzZuIDS UZH - IDS Universität Zürich
  • SzZuIDS BS/BE - IDS Basel/Bern
  • SzZuIDS HSG - St. Gallen
  • SzZuIDS LU - IDS Luzern
  • SzBzSBT - Sistema Bibliotecario Ticinese

According to MARC Code List of Organizations

  • RERO: CH-MyRERO normalized: chmyrero
  • IDS: SzZuIDS -> no further distinction made

005 - Date and Time of Latest Transaction (info)

Probably useful for update procedures - normally not displayed in IDS (with the exception of NEBIS) used by RERO and SNL.

=005  20060212031800.0

006 - Fixed-Length Data Elements - Additional Material Characteristics (info)

Differences between MARC21 and IDSMARC -> see 90#

007 - Physical Description Fixed Field (info)

Differences between MARC21 and IDSMARC -> see 90#

008 - Fixed-Length Data Elements (info)

  • Pos 0-17 and 35-39 contain the same information in IDS and RERO records. Its content is not influenced by LDR positions.
  • Pos 18-34 depend on leader position 6/7 (i.e. type of material described and bibliographic level applied). Coding is handled differently in RERO and IDS, while positions and characters encoded are both standard MARC21.
    • IDS sets the contents of the following positions by program according to codes in fields 906, 907 or 913: 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 33. IDS has not defined the following positions: 18, 19, 22, 23, 28, 31, 33, 34
    • RERO encodes field 008 (and 006/007) through virtua templates, following MARC21 standard.


MARC21 - Swiss National Library

=008  941227s1949\\\\sz\\\\\\\\\\\\00\\\\ger\d


=008  960525s1949\\\\sz\||||||\||||00||\|ger\d

IDSMARC - IDS Basel/Bern

=008  870728s1949\\\\sz\||||||\||||00||\|ger\d
  • empty positions are designated by »\«
  • positions that are not specified by cataloguing entity: »|«

034 - Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data (info)

This field contains cartographic mathematical data, such as scale, projection and/or coordinates. Its content should mirror fields 255 in computable form. According to the field definitions of IDS, RERO and SNL, it is widely used. However, one finds inconsistencies and missing fields. These problems are at the present stage not quantifiable.

  • Only 215 instances of field 034 in RERO, of those only about half seem to be valid and useable.

035 - System Control Number (info)

As this field is repeatable its possible use for SwissBib is to store the original control numbers of all the networks holding the bibliographic record. This field normally is identical with 001 - however this is not the case with older RERO data (probably all data prior to virtua).

Current situation

Looking at data from the Gavin- Gonin study as well as unprocessed MARC data via Z39.50 the situation presents itself as follows:

  • RERO: used as record identification number to sync local systems with the central database. They use three types of numbers: *apparently the old SIBIL numbers without prefix
  • the Virtua system numbers with the prefix R
  • numbers from imported records with code of original institution in brackets at beginning of field (see documentation of RERO)
    • 4837 records with OCLC numbers in solr
  • SNL: sometimes used no pattern in sample data
  • IDS: not used by IDS but quite frequent in "copy cataloging data"


MARC21 - Standard use (example from LoC Standards Page)

=035  \\ $a (CaOTULAS)41063988

RERO - recent data (Virtua system number)

=035  \\ $a R004617067

RERO - older records (SIBIL number)

=035  \\ $a 0001543

RERO - OCLC record

=035 \\ $a (OCoLC)ocl29155250

Possible use for SwissBib

This field could be used to store the original system numbers with prefix for each library network. For example:

=035  \\ $a idsbb001234567
=035  \\ $a reroR004563217

041 - Language Code (info)

This field is used as an extension of the language code in field 008 Pos 35-37. Its value lies in the possible specification of original language (of a translation) and of several languages of document with subfield $h. While IDS, RERO and SNL use it, SNL uses more subfields, and its use in IDS libraries is inconsistent. Testing should allow to check its use for dedublication.

Fields with library network specific data

039 - Virtua specific field code

=039  \\ $b 8007 $b 8040i
=039  \9 $a 200406160747 $b VLOAD $y 200009182230 $z VLOAD

049 - RERO-specific cantonal code Info

  • RERO cantonal code mainly used for cantons of RERO members - what is the policy for non RERO cantons?
  • Does the SNL use a different field for the same purpose
  • How do IDS-Libraries process canton information - if they do? (Probably usage of field 909)
=049  \\ $a vd
=049  \\ $a ge
=049  \\ $a vs

09# - Local control numbers (info)

  • 090 IDS: old system numbers
  • 091 IDS HSG uses this field to define which type of catalog enrichment is provided in field 690 or 520 also linkage is provided
  • 099 IDS: old cataloger information

59# - Local Notes (info)

599 - used by IDS, see KIDS

9## - Local Fields

  • 900 IDS: Referent
  • 901 IDS: Seltene Materialien: spezielle Nebeneintragungen für Personen
  • 902 IDS: Seltene Materialien: spezielle Nebeneintragungen für Körperschaften
  • 903 IDS (???)
  • 906 IDS: Additional Material Characteristics (triggers the generation of fields 008/18-34, 006 and 007, depending on material type)
    • The following codes have no correspondent in the control fields: Briefe = Correspondance, Verfassung = Constitution, Werke = Oeuvres
  • 907 IDS: Physical Description (triggers the generation of fields 006, 007)
  • 909 IDS, RERO
    • IDS: Library specific codes defined by the same indicators as used for 69#
    • IDS: Used to define »voices«
    • RERO:Library specific codes defined by string (no indicators used)
  • 913 IDS: Field to define congresses and exhibitions (see 008 position 29). Contains additional information ($b Year, $c Place)
  • 920 IDS: Verfasser bei provisorischen Aufnahmen oder Dummies
  • 925 IDS: Titel bei provisorischen Aufnahmen oder Dummies
  • 926 IDS: Titel des Gesamtwerkes (Herausgabe von Bibliographien)
  • 930 IDS:
  • 949 SNL and RERO local systems: item informations
  • 951 IDS UZH
  • 954 IDS UZH
  • 956 RERO: Library codes connecting to local systems (Fribourg)
  • 957 RERO: Library codes connecting to local systems (Genève)
  • 959 SNL: Signatur
  • 960 RERO: Library codes connecting to local systems (Jura)
  • 961 SNL: Sachkatalog: Lokales geografisches Schlagwort
  • 962 RERO: Library codes connecting to local systems (Neuchâtel)
  • 968 SNL: Lokales Sachschlagwort
  • 972 RERO: Library codes connecting to local systems (Vaud)
  • 973 RERO: Library codes connecting to local systems (Valais)
  • 979 RERO: Library codes connecting to local systems (document is not available in rero anymore)
  • 980 RERO: Local classification (law only?)
  • 990 SNL: System Control Number used for linking multilevel records of multivolume works
  • 999 IDS, RERO: different usages
    • RERO: different usages
      1. designates database: VIRTUA4 or VIRTUA50
      2. tells how to sort the MARC field of the record:
    • IDS: designates »dummy records«