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Outdated information only kept for historical reasons!!!

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This page contains information about analytical records in all networks and libraries concerned.


The practice of cataloging analytical records (and offprints) is handled differently

  1. between IDS libraries (IDSMARC) and SNL / RERO (MARC21)
  2. between IDS networks, depending on local tradition and previous rulesets or systems

Analytical records can, in theory, be recognised in all MARC flavours by character "a" (or possibly "b") in leader position 7 (denoting the bibliographic level). Additionally, such records should contain a field 773 that links the record to a superior and autonomous record (i.e. a journal, book, newspaper, etc.). Analytical records sometimes have items, either through an expansion routine (in IDS/ALEPH libraries) or addition. Ghostlike records with neither link nor item can be excluded) from swissbib

Analytica in RERO

  • RERO analytical records have localisation codes and in cases checked an item on the local leve
  • Field 580 contains the "in-information" as text (Ex. $a In: Der schweizerische Beobachter. - Glattbrugg. - Jg. 65(1991), 16, S. 13-17)
  • Field 773 1- contains
    • $t title of the superior record, functions as link via title index
    • $g sort order (volume, year)
  • in case of a link to a monograph, an internal note (field 019) contains the information "$a Notices analytiques"
  • for records that are solely cataloged as part of a bibliography (i.e. no corresponding item in a collection), RERO catalogs a "dummy record" for journals, with the internal note "$a à compléter ...". No dummy is cataloged for monographs.
  • in the RERO opac, the following note is shown, if leader 7 is "a"
** Cette référence fait partie d'un document que d'autres bibliothèques peuvent posséder. Il est donc recommandé de voir également sous le titre cité sous "Document hôte" **

Analytica in IDS

IDS cataloguing rules KIDS define their own way of encoding analytica (in chapter 13.5), while they clearly state that traditions and usage in their libraries are varied. Therefore, local rules are recognised as important. Two points in the IDS solution stand out:

  1. no use of field 580, all information about the superior record and linking functions are held in field 773
  2. IDSMARC defines two ways of linking (distinguishable by indicator position 2):
    1. ANA - f773 -A : this form is current practice, ALEPH expands superior items into the analytical record
    2. UP - f773 -U : this is the older form, with no expansion of items

Occurence / usage

  • dsv01 has 80'463 ANA-links and a large number (208'335) of UP-links. And some mistakes in indicator positions
  • ebi01 has 125'205 ANA-links, only 42 UP-links and 113 mistakes in indicator positions (all empty).
  • hsd01 has 8665 ANA-link and only 44 UP-links (and no mistakes in indicator positions)
  • ilu50 has 13'329 ANA-links in solr, no (0) UP-links (and no mistakes in indicator positions)
  • uzh01 has a problematic set of over 180'000 analytica, see password protected page on exclusion criteria