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The design of swissbib is done by the Swiss design company nose.

swissbib design concept

The concept behind the swissbib design allows the use of the basic swissbib design elements by other projects. Currently swissbib Zürich and swissbib Basel/Bern are using two swissbib designs for their search applications.

The design contains three element-sets that can be individually colored:

  • the header elements
  • the buttons
  • some of the icons

Different swissbib designs

To use the swissbib design elements for a new swissbib based search interface at least the header elements must have a different color.

The first three examples are live systems that have corresponding header- and button-colors:

The second three examples are dummies that all use "out-of-the-box" blue buttons and differ in header colors:

swissbib format icons

All swissbib design variants share the same format icons:

Swissbib icons.png

These icons can be used free of charge by the swissbib partners. For example the St. Galler Bibliotheksnetz.