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swissbib provides different ways of access to its data and services. Not all of them are freely available to everybody interested in them. Please get in touch with the project team if you want to use one of the APIs or if you have questions.


swissbib data as linked open data is available through a REST API


Completely open to the public is the SRU-interface that provides access to the swissbib index. More information: SRU

This interface is currently used productively by the following services:


It is possible to directly access the swissbib index if this proves to be the best solution for a project. Please contact us if you want to have an access (access is restricted by IP adresses).

This interface is currently used by the following services:


swissbib provides an OAI-interface. More information: Swissbib oai

This interface is currently used by the following services:

Publishing to WorldCat

swissbib is also directly coupled with WorldCat, which allows the continuous update of the bibliographic data of the IDS and the IDS-partners.

Links and Searchboxes

Deep linking : how to create links that make "special" searches : Deep_Linking

You can offer access to through links to result lists or through configurable searchboxes. More information: Searchboxes